Starting screen

Start screen using

screen -d -R session_tomcat

Replace session_tomcat with any other helpful name for the session you’re about to create.
Sharing your Session

Ask your friend to connect using (assuming they are logged in using the same user account):

screen -x session_tomcat

Now it’s simply magical. Multiple persons can type and work on the same terminal – it works best when you’re coordinating over the phone. Note that the dimensions of your terminal output will be the same for every user – to change it, press Ctrl-A and then capital F. This will make the screen output fit your current terminal size, and change it to that size for every connected user.

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ssh tunnel / vpn

sudo ssh -L localhost:port:localhost:remote-port user@host -N

set remote-port to the proxy port (3128 for squid) on the server
set port to any local port (e.g. 8000) on the client and configure proxy settings to localhost:port

Any port
set remote-port to the port to be tunnelled on the server
set port to any local port (e.g. 8001) on the client and use it with localhost:port

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