Kernel compiling and installing

With the .config file in place you can start compiling with make. Since you also have to compile the modules youve set, chain commands:

make; make modules

Now Installation phase begins:

make install && make modules_install

Kernels install script will also adapt grub.cfg with the right menu entries.

The vmlinuz (or some similar name) is the kernel itself.

Initrd is the temporary RAM-based filesystem that is placed in memory and used during boot-up.

The System-map contains a list of kernel symbols. These are global variables and functions used in the kernel’s code.

Some Linux distros store the kernel’s config file in the /boot/ directory. Developers wanting to compile a kernel with the same settings as their current kernel can copy the file to their build directory. cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) /PATH/TO/.config

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