LEDs on cubietruck / armboards

It can be configured, it’s just not enabled by default (mostly).

Try entering ls /sys/class/leds/ to check what LEDs are available,

cat /sys/class/leds//trigger to see available triggers, for example

cat /sys/class/leds/white:ph11:led3/trigger

[none] battery-charging-or-full battery-charging battery-full battery-charging-blink-full-solid ac-online usb-online mmc0 mmc1 timer disk-activity heartbeat backlight cpu0 cpu1 default-on rfkill0 rfkill1

and setting them manually, example:

echo “mmc0″ > /sys/class/leds/blue:ph21:led1/trigger

echo “heartbeat” > /sys/class/leds/green:ph07:led4/trigger

echo “cpu0″ > /sys/class/leds/orange:ph20:led2/trigger

echo “cpu1″ > /sys/class/leds/white:ph11:led3/trigger

You need to use root shell to test setting triggers, using sudo from non-privileged user won’t work.

To enable them at every boot, you can edit .fex file (and recompile it to bin afterwards) on old kernel, .dts file with dtc (it’s a little bit tricky) on mainline, or just put echo commands to /etc/rc.local.

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